Pick (‘Em) and Pop- 9/5

Since we’re coming right up on deadline, we’ll skip the fancy talk and get right to it.  Be sure to come back tomorrow as we tackle more lines for the upcoming weekend.

(From http://scoresandodds.com at 6:42 PM, home ream in caps)

RAVENS (+7.5) over Broncos

Wait, sorry… that’s RIGHT, but not correct.

Ravens (+7.5) over BRONCOS

That’s CORRECT, but not right.  It’s kind of ridiculous that the world champs have to open up on the road because of a scheduling conflict with the Orioles, but it is what it is.

Anyway, the Ravens will be in for a tough one in Denver.  First off, it’s not an especially easy place to play, and then you have to remember that Peyton Manning and Co. have a chip on their shoulder from last season’s dramatic 38-35 double OT loss.

That said, the Ravens will have a chip, too as the semi-disrespected defending champs.  Joe Flacco is without a doubt out to prove he’s worth the big contract, and we think there’s a silent consensus that the Ravens want to prove they can win without Ray Lewis

At the end of the day, it should be a close, hard-fought battle.  If that’s the case, the 7.5 points is too much.  Gotta love playing the spread… it’s such a nice cop out to actually picking a winner.

That said, we’ve got the Broncos tonight, 24-21.

MLB: 5-2


3 thoughts on “Pick (‘Em) and Pop- 9/5

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