Pick (‘Em) and Pop- 8/31

So… how was your summer?

Ours was quite relaxing.  It’s not like we ever had to post anything, so what could we have possibly been doing? 

Okay, okay: sarcasm aside, it’s good to be back just in time to introduce a new DAILY feature we like to call… ready for this?

Pick (‘Em) and Pop.

Back when the forefathers–Colin Donohue and Justin Cherot– created this site, it was mainly a reminiscent pun having to do with
their stellar days at Atholton High School.  But now, by adding one simple word (or piece of Northeastern/Southwestern slang) bracketed within parentheses, we’ve found a winner.

Perfect segue: Pick (‘Em) and Pop is all about finding you winners.  What you do with those winners?  That’s up to you… or, if you’re in Vegas, let us make you completely and utterly broke.

That was a joke… we think.

Though we mainly deal in basketball, we’ll be stepping outside the box a bit because our SEO consultants have informed us that football is apparently more popular (yes, this was news to us as well).  If we like a college football game (like today), we’re on it.  Baseball?  Why not?  The over/under on Jay-Z’s set during halftime of the Super Bowl (let’s stop pretending this isn’t inevitable)?  Yes, please.

In all, we’re looking at a minimum of three games where, if gambling were legal, we’d pick ourselves.

Enough talk.  As the kids say, let’s build some legos!

(Wait… or is it just “leggo”?  We’re getting old.  All odds from scoresandodds.com as of 8/31 at 10:28 am, home team in CAPS)

MARYLAND (-21) over Florida International- No, Justin didn’t phone this one in… we just think that in a make or break year for Terps’ coach Randy Edsall , Maryland will look to make a statement and showcase what could be a very potent offense.

Alabama (-22) over VIRGINIA TECH- Maybe it’s not quite the same ‘Bama that won the title, but these aren’t your brother’s Hokies, either.

Georgia (1.5) over Clemson
Georgia/Clemson UNDER 71- This should be an outstanding game as preseason Heisman Contenders Aaron Murray and Tahj Boyd go head to head against two defenses going through a transition phase. That said, while both teams will probably be on the precipice of the 30’s, we’re also counting on both defenses to be slightly better than advertised.


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