Video: 138 Points!?

From scoutsfocus

While most of us were busy watching nonsensical games like Indiana/Georgetown or Mike D’Antoni‘s coaching debut last night, a little known 5’10” Division III guard from Grinnell College named Jack Taylor went absolutely nuts to the tune of 138 points in his team’s 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible.

Cool facts about the game:

  • Taylor took 108 shots to get this number, connecting on 52, prompting Carmelo Anthony to tell reporters that anytime someone said he was shooting much, “that someone shot it 108 times.”
  • He shot a “sizzling” 27-71 from three-point range, good for 38%.
  • The school’s previous record for points was 89 by Griffin Lentsch… last year.  Somewhere, Hawaii alum Timmy Chang is blushing.
  • Faith Baptist Bible’s Frank Larson is a one-liner in most of the news outlets this morning… as in his 70 points on 34-44 shooting is usually buried somewhere near the bottom of the story.

Anyway, PnP found video of this ridiculous performance (thanks to scoutsfocus).  Kudos, Mr. Taylor.  You’re the king of the basketball world for one day.


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