Link: Busting A-Rod’s Ball

From Ian O’Connor, ESPN New York

Since Alex Rodriguez isn’t doing anything on the baseball field during the playoffs so far, Ian O’Connor and the rest of the New York media are focused on Rodriguez’s misinterpretation of “Ball So Hard.”

If you missed it, and don’t feel like clicking the link, apparently Rodriguez sent a ball along with a note asking for some digits via an innocent ballboy to two attractive fans sitting close to the dugout.

Rumor has it he could only send one because Madonna still has the other one in a jar on her nightstand from the time they spent together.

For serious, have we ever seen a more grossly obvious erosion of talent on display?  Financially speaking, it happens in basketball all the time (even if GMs are getting smarter and not overpaying an overnight sensation beaucoup bucks…oh snap, Daryl Morey might have done that this offseason).  But to go from the heart of the order to suddenly not playing against right-handed pitching in a league where the overwhelming majority of pitchers are right-handed?  That’s some rapid erosion right therre, Chingy.

If anyone cares, first pitch of Game 4 of the Yankees/Tigers ALCS is slated for 4:07 PM.


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