Link: Vilma Suspended For ’12-13


Thanks to his participation in the New Orleans “Pay for Prey” program (note: at least that’s what we’re calling it), New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will have a year to perfect his golf swing, improve his social life and… well, do anything but play football.

Based on his findings in the investigation, Roger Goodell has suspended Vilma for the year, along with three others for significant time.  Former Saints and current Green Bay Packer defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove, who ultimately acknowledged in a written statement that the program was going down, was suspended for eight games.  Defensive end Will Smith and linebacker Scott Fujita, who departed in free agency to the Cleveland Browns, will miss four and three games respectively for allegedly funding and contributing to the program.

Unless you’re living under a rock (or so into basketball you forgot football even existed), you know by now that Saints coach Sean Payton will also miss the season and GM Mickey Loomis will miss the first eight games. 


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