Link: Knicks Delayed Announcement on Lin to Sell Playoff Tickets

From Frank Isola, New York Daily News

According to the article, the New York Knicks had already made their decision about shutting Jeremy Lin down for the season.  They just didn’t announce it until all those Knicks’ fans plunked their hard-earned money down on playoff tickets.

See, the deadline for season-ticket holders to buy playoff tickets was Mar. 28.  According to insiders, the organization knew at that point he wouldn’t play, but instead listed him as day-to-day, even saying he was a game-time decision for Thursday night’s game.

Just a tad slimy.

Isn’t it crazy that the league’s newest point guard darlings–Lin and Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard Ricky Rubio–both went down with season ending injuries after making their franchises relevant for the first time in almost a decade?  That’s Illuminati-esque! 


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