Link: Winners and Losers at the Trade Deadline


While you were watching the first (real) day of the NCAA tournament, the NBA trade deadline came and went.  Five writers within ESPN’s network debated the winners and losers after the dust settled.

First and foremost, if you’re an Orlando Magic fan, you’ve got to be happy that at the very least you’ve got an undistracted Dwight Howard “all-in” for the rest of the season.  Now that the circus has packed up and left, he can focus on basketball.

The Los Angeles Clippers received an extremely vital piece from the Washington Wizards in Nick Young.  I know more than a few Wizards’ fans have soured on him over the years, but the fact of the matter is he has the ability to create his own shot and really help the Clips offensively.

Meanwhile, the Wiz also shipped Young’s boy Javale McGee to Denver, where I think he could eventually end up being a better fit than Nene.

Underrated move: the Spurs getting a motivated Stephen Jackson.  Could end up being a steal.

Lakers’ fans are excited about the Ramon Sessions deal, but don’t be surprised if this ends up being nothing more than just a slight upgrade over the Lakers’ army of backcourt corpses.  Sessions passes the eye test for sure, but the stats say that his value, to use a baseball analogy, is closer to a utility infielder rather than an everyday player.  And we’re still waiting for Jordan Hill to show up. 


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