Link: Source Says ‘Melo Wants Out

From Marc Berman, New York Post

A snitch source close to the situation claims that New York Knicks’ blackhole forward Carmelo Anthony wants out… like now.  The snitch source claims that Anthony and his coach Mike D’Antoni are at odds and there’s no chance for reconciliation.  The snitch source also says that the front office types leave him in the dark about everything.

Of course, ‘Melo is denying everything in a way that screams, “I have to overact to make this sound convincing,” but in his defense this snitch source is probably making inferences on bits and pieces of information he has been told in passing.  While the inferences aren’t off base, if Anthony says things are cool, then it should be a non-issue.

The bigger issue here is should the Knicks trade ‘Melo?  At this point, I would at least take a look.  Bill Simmons has been screaming “Tyson Chandler and ‘Melo for Hedo Turkoglu and Dwight Howard“, a trade that would help both teams, for months. 

Do the math: the Knicks pre-‘Melo injury were a disaster, post-‘Melo injury a revelation, and post-‘Melo return a public relations’ nightmare.  Taking emotion out of it, it should be easy to make a decision.


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