A Deep Google Presence V

By Justin Cherot

Usually, by the time a franchise gets past the third version of something, the product is seriously diluted.  But at PnP we’re immune to stale.  So there.

The premise, in case you haven’t read any of Colin’s previous presences, is that when we Google, we usually only scan the first couple of pages because it’s the most relevant data 90% of the time.  You can go anywhere to read relevant data… but that’s where we come in.  Why do you think our Google Presence of Yao Ming is one of the most read columns we possess?

Anyway, I keep trying to get myself into football, and by purchasing Madden ’11 I feel like I’ve turned a corner, with a gimmick post surely coming within the next week and a half.

Alas, this summer because of the free agent frenzy, summer league and the FIBA championships, basketball season has never ended for me (is anybody who follows me on the regular truly surprised?).  In fact, I caught the Spain/USA game on Sunday and I’m actually in the middle of my third re-watch as I type.   Especially since it was just an exhibition game, you’re probably wondering why I’m so pressed.

Two main reasons.  First and probably foremost, I love watching Stephen Curry.  This is no secret.  We all know he’s a ridiculous shooter, but as I’ve stated numerous times, the most underrated portion of his game is his play-making ability.   If you take him, Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon–conceivably the three players most likely to be cut from Team USA–Curry can play off the ball better than Westbrook (important because of the number of point guards) and  he can run the point in a pinch if Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo or Chauncey Billups gets in foul trouble.  So, yeah… Curry should be on the squad.

But the clear cut second reason is Ricky Rubio, mainly because since he plays over in Spain (and because by NBA rules Minnesota can’t pay his buy-out, and when his contract is finally up in 2011 he probably won’t even play for the Wolves), we rarely get to see him.

Rubio’s passes absolutely mesmerize me.  Cold off the bench, he ran a pick and roll with one of his teammates and threw a perfect no-look OVER THE SHOULDER alley-oop IN TRAFFIC that his teammate somehow botched (sorry for the all caps).  Routinely, he would throw one-handed passes on the perimeter with Rose or Westbrook draped all over him.  Defensively, what he lacks in quickness and explosiveness he makes up in tenacity and craft.  I haven’t seen too many players rip Rose in the open-court, but there was Rubio, sitting on the cross-over and snatching the ball out of Rose’s hands.

Now, because he’s limited athletically and jealous of Rondo’s stroke on an off night (okay, that’s probably harsh),  he may never average more than 12 a game.  But that doesn’t mean he won’t come into the league and cause problems for opposing point guards on a nightly basis.

Plus, he’s a cutie.  Zac Effron needs to play him in the movie.

But, I digress.  Let’s get to this business of Googling.  Let’s go to page 38 and see what we find.

The Link

The Sothman Prophecies: The Pacers Need Ricky Rubio


Ken Sothman is my kind of guy, running with a premise that probably wouldn’t (and didn’t) happen with Minnesota and Indiana, mixing in video of Rubes playing with FC Barcelona and even some Jonny Flynn humor (note: don’t sleep on Flynn, who despite the criticism still managed to drop put up respectable numbers as a rookie… even if he couldn’t guard a lawn chair).

The Picture

Rubio’s very photogenic, so this was tough… I’ll actually let YOU, the reader, decide:

Dude... have a Snickers or something. From the sportsbank.com


Wow... that's good. Nevermind, Daniel Radcliffe can play Rubes. From totallylookslike.com


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