Keep it 100…

By Justin Cherot

Has it really been 100 posts on PnP?  Where has the time gone?

Hopefully we can keep it G for another few thousand posts as Colin and I continue to grow our empire.

By the way, not to gloat or proclaim myself as Nostradamus, but what did I tell you about that Orlando/Boston series?  Obviously, the Magic still have a long way to go, but the Celtics face the merky prospect of, despite playing at home, possibly not having Kendrick Perkins (suspension) or Rasheed Wallace (back) next game.

For the record, Perk shouldn’t have gotten ANY technicals last night.  His elbow to Marcin Gortat’s chest was misinterpreted (he was just trying to help his teammate off the floor), and he even tried to walk away from his second T.  I DVRed it (I’m such a nerd, I know), and all he really said was, “This is some bulls!t.”  Notice I didn’t put an exclamation point, reason being I didn’t think the quote warranted an exclamation point.

Ultimately I think the NBA will do the right thing and rescind the technicals, but with the Association, you never know.

By the way, if you’re a betting man looking for a sure thing, I’d put serious amounts of money on the Lakers tomorrow night (if it were legal).  Did you LISTEN to Kobe’s speech?  No way they lose tomorrow night.


One thought on “Keep it 100…

  1. Dude, its not up to Kobe whether the Lakers win or lose…. its up to the rest of the team to stop being stubborn buttholes and play defense EVERYWHERE on the court. As for the Celts/Magic, who would’ve thunk that the main positives from the Celts side are “Nate Robinson led the team in blocks”

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