I Hate My Favorite Team

By Justin Cherot

In less than a month, I get to finally change my “About” bio hanging out on the sidebar of this page.  No longer will I be on year nine of my four-year collegiate journey: my journey will be complete as I walk across the stage with one of those degree holder thingies (sans degree, because they take months to actually get it to you apparently).

Why am I mentioning all of this?  Because, assuming I go into the field like my boy Colin did and assuming I don’t have Bill Simmons-esque freedom, I’m going to have to dead being a subjective fan.  I have to become super-cold (at least on the exterior) to the highs and lows of my favorite teams.

So, in short, consider this one of the last times you’ll ever see brutal honesty and frustration from a fan’s perspective.


Right now I’m extremely pissed off at the Dallas Mavericks, who after yesterday’s 92-89 loss to their in-state rival San Antonio Spurs find themselves in a 3-1 hole.  They’re one minimally-televised (it’s on friggin’ NBATV, which I don’t get, literally and figuratively) loss away about to squander a 55-win season and a second seed in a tough Western Conference.

Get up, Dirk... please, get up...

Granted, I knew a match-up against the Spurs wouldn’t be easy, especially when they came into the playoffs healthy for the first time all season.  But, I didn’t think they would just lay down and take this–how can I put it–ASS-WHOPPIN’.  The Mavs have never been confused as personifying mental toughness, but in these last two games, they’ve looked like six-year-olds who cower to the corner after accidentally shattering a dinner plate down the stretch of games.

Third quarter last night?  Outscored 29-11.  Fourth quarter Friday?  28-20.  Grow some, fellas!

Rick Carlisle is getting abused by Gregg Popovich.  As much as I like and appreciate what J.J. Barea has done this series, how can you leave a guy like Caron Butler on the bench the ENTIRE SECOND HALF of Game 3?  How can you justify all the minutes Jason Kidd has been on the court despite being relatively ineffective?  How do you let George Hill destroy your entire squad?  I’m in no way calling for Carlisle’s head as a fan… but he hasn’t been on his game this entire series.  I know he’s not out there and he has to count on his horses to make shots, but they HAVE to score more than 90 a game or whatever they’ve been averaging the past three games.  He’s playing right into the Spurs’ hands!

While the Mavs are saying all the right things, for the first time ever as a fan I don’t feel nearly as optimistic.  Maybe it’s me getting older, or me trying to throw the reverse jinx on my guys, but I feel like the window is very close to closing… if it’s not already slammed shut and locked from the inside.

That said, I’m hoping Dirk Nowitzki and company can throw a brick threw that window and make the comeback.


One thought on “I Hate My Favorite Team

  1. very insightful Caron can’t be on the bench especially when they brought him in for toughness. He is a great offensive threat.

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