Hometown Criticism: Where Wizards Happen

by Colin Donohue

Ahhhh, to be a D.C. sports fan. How easy it is for the fans and the general public to poke fun at the futility of our franchises. The Wizards have one NBA championship and several painful seasons in their history. The Caps have never won a Stanley Cup but are now legitimate championship contenders. The Redskins enjoyed some glory days in the ’70s and ’80s, but for the last 15 years have been a poorly run mess of an organization. So it’s easy to take potshots at D.C. teams. I can’t say I blame the folks who do level some amount of criticism at the Skins, Caps or Wizards. Hey, it’s well earned. Sometimes people are spiteful. But sometimes folks are creative and funny, and that’s when the “hate” becomes easy to take and makes the struggles of any of the aforementioned teams more bearable. Tough times lend themselves to outpourings of inventiveness and ingenuity. So for the next couple of days, I’m going to present some fantastically funny videos that get a charge out of the overall crappiness of D.C. sports teams. And today we’ll start with the Wizards.

Any Wizards fan (or NBA fan) should be checking www.wizznutzz.com and reading any and all of their material. It’s hilarious and oftentimes right on the money. Well, they put together a couple of parodies of those NBA Where Amazing Happens commercials from 2008. Remember them?

They were well done ads. Pretty creative and unique. I enjoyed them for what they were … until LeBron James was featured. Wizznutzz built on the NBA’s theme and prepared two Where Amazing Happens: Washington Bullets videos. See if you can name all of the Bullets players of yore.

And then there’s this guy, who also wanted to riff on the Amazing Happens theme.

The above three videos were all created by Bullets/Wizards fans, so they can attack a project with good perspective and a requisite amount of frustration and pent-up rage, which allows them to produce some super funny, pointed commentary.


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