Week 3 Picks

By Justin Cherot

Yes, PnP didn’t go all CBA or XFL on you guys.  Both Colin and I have had busy weeks–me with school and work, Colin with teaching the kiddies.  For the sake of renewing my writing vigor, I’ve decided to come out of the woodwork.  After all, if I’m going to deliver the first installment of the most unique NBA preview ever, I have to shake off the rust.

And what better way to do that than supply you guys with some picks?

I do have some extra motivation to show these off.  My boy Rashand is hosting a pick ’em pool, and I plan to walk away with all the money this week.  Given my overall record of 26-6 this season, I think my chances of taking this thing are pretty good.

As always when Colin and I do these things, I’m not doing spread-based picks (yet, but maybe next week).  I’m just giving you (foolproof, infallible logic-induced) winners.

WEEK 3 (winners in bold)

Washington at Detroit- As ODB proclaimed on the Wu-Tang’s game-changer “Triumph”, the saga continues.  However, I took a spread bet on this game saying that the Lions would lose by less than 21.  At the moment it seems smart, because so far the Redskins haven’t been able to find the endzone in broad daylight with a flashlight, a map, a GPS and a tour guide.  But, more so than any other sport, the NFL is a week-to-week league.  The ‘Skins will probably go out and hang 42 in Motown with my luck.

Green Bay at St. Louis- Some guy I work with bet me that the Rams would win.  Straight-up.  No spread.  Seriously?  This ain’t 2000.  As a matter of fact, the Rams may just give up 2000 yards in this game alone.  But, stranger things have happened.


San Francisco at Minnesota- No disrespect intended towards Detroit and Cleveland, but the Vikings and Brett Favre haven’t faced an NFL defense yet.  I expect the old man to be on his back all day.  The only reason the Vikes stay in this game is because Adrian Peterson is illegal.

Atlanta at New England- It’s early, I know, but this is almost a make or break game for the Patriots (great article by Bill Simmons this week about the Pats).  And, in a make or break game, I’d rather have Tom Brady.  I think this will be an entertaining game worth calling out of work for, but I see the Pats withstanding a Falcons offensive onslaught with some scoreboard-breaking of their own.

Tennessee at New York Jets- Like a lot of people, I predicted a big drop-off for the Titans this year.  However, this will be the best defense by far that Mark “Dirty” Sanchez has seen in this young season.  We’ll learn a lot about his poise in the pocket today, but I don’t see Jeff Fisher letting his team start 0-3.

Kansas City at Philadelphia– I’ve got a joke that I’m trying out.  What do you call the Eagles’ Wildcat formation with Michael Vick on the field?  Answer: The Vick Tease.

(I will now pause for drink-spewing laughter).

New York Giants at Tampa Bay-  When do we get to see Josh Freeman?  Thankfully for him, his debut will not be this week… unless Osi Umenyiora and company DeBo Byron Leftwich out the game.

Cleveland at Baltimore– The Browns may suck for 14 games out of the regular season, but every year without exception they BRIIIIIING IT when they play the Ravens.  So, while I still expect the Ravens to push their record to 3-0, I think the game will be closer than people think.

Jacksonville at Houston– The Texans’ playoff push begins now.  It’s weird how they’ve riden the critical rollercoaster in the past three weeks, from being everybody’s darkhorse pre-season team to “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but Rex Grossman is this team’s best QB” to “Matt Shaub is the next Joe Montana”.  Fine, I made the last one up, but long story short, Houston wins this game because Jacksonville is such a mess right now.

Chicago at Seattle- I forget which way I leaned on this one when doing Rashand’s pool, but if I did pick Seattle then I’m gravitating away from that pick.  Jay Cutler showed me a little something last week against a pretty good Steelers’ defense (Troy Polamalu or no Troy Polamalu).  That, plus the health of Matt Hasselbeck, lean me more favorably towards the Bears.

Expect Drew Brees to air it out early and often against the Bills.  Photo courtesy SI.com.

Expect Drew Brees to air it out early and often against the Bills. Photo courtesy SI.com.

New Orleans at Buffalo- One reason (other than the usual work, school and fatherhood bit) that I’ve shied away from PnP lately is Madden ’10.  I mention that because the Saints are my favorite team of the moment, simply because Drew Brees is unstoppable.  Art imitates life, and I don’t see that changing this week against a secondary that might have trouble stopping high school offenses at this point.

Pittsburgh at Cincinatti- Yeah, I took straight-up action on this game, too.  Actually, I pretty much committed to this one in Week 2, and at the time I felt really good about it.  Now?  Not so sure, especially with the Steelers coming off of a loss and the Bengals coming off of an impressive win against my NFC Super Bowl team.  I’m still sticking with my guns, especially since I don’t know how much pressure Cincy can get on Ben Roethlisberger.

Denver at Oakland- Look… we all know I’m a Raiders fan.  As a rule, I usually don’t put money on my favorite team.  Thankfully, I’m just making thought-provoking predictions.  Seriously though, I’m so not ready to buy into the Broncos being a 3-0 team, even if they are “blessed” with a game against the Raiders.  If nothing else, the Raiders’ running attack will kep them competitive.  I’m just praying JaMarcus Russell doesn’t find (another) way to screw up a divisional home game. 

Miami at San Diego– The Wildcat looked very good against the Colts last week, but the Chargers’ defense, even without a couple key parts functioning at 100%, should be able to tame it.  Plus, even without Ladanian Tomlinson, the Chargers have too many weapons offensively for the Dolphins.

Peyton Manning and Co. go into their shootout with Arizona well-equipped for a win.  Photo courtesy SI.com

Peyton Manning and Co. go into their shootout with Arizona well-equipped for a win. Photo courtesy SI.com

Indianapolis at Arizona- Although I will never get to enjoy an uninterrupted Sunday of football due to my work schedule, I am glad that I’ll usually be home in time for the Sunday night game every weekend.  Very good one this week, and I expect a shootout.  However, in such a close game on paper to choose, I go with consistency.  You never know what Arizona team will show up, but there’s no doubt that Peyton Manning will bring his “A” game.  I know football is a team sport and everything, but that’s a big factor.

Carolina at Dallas– I talk about this often enough on Facebook, but I don’t think I’ve shared this with the rest of my PnP audience.  I have a bet with two of my co-workers that a punter will hit the scoreboard less than three times this season.  They, of course, took the over.  Seven games left.  Truthfully, that’s probably the only reason I’ll watch this game.  Other than that, the Cowboys will take it to the Panthers.  And Jake Delhomme may not make it out of this one alive… mentally.  Cheer up, Jake.  I’ve thrown eight picks in a game of Madden once.  If I can make it back, anyone can.

Oh, shout-out to Kory Campbell.  You got your football fix in for this week.  Now shut up and start taking my NBA previews like a man.


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