A Deep Google Presence

by Colin Donohue

I was sitting here at work today, thinking about PnP and trying to decide what new kinds of features Justin and I could include on the blog. We’ve tossed around a bunch of different ideas, and we’ll begin unveiling them in the near future. But in the meantime, I wanted to throw some stuff up here that could be interesting or that could fail miserably. Here’s one of those attempts. Some of it turned out well, some of it didn’t. But hey, you throw s**t at the wall and see what sticks, right? That is the expression, isn’t it?

I hopped onto Google today and in four separate entries, I typed in NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. Then, I skipped to Page 15 of the search results to see what I could find. I wanted to get past all the first-page garbage that contains links to official league and team Web sites. I wanted to go deeper into Google (that’s what she said?) and see what I could find. So I went to Page 15 and looked for the most interesting link. Then I clicked Images at the top of the Google search page to find the most interesting photo on Page 15, as well. These are the results.


The Link: How NFL Equipment Works from howstuffworks.com.

Have you ever wondered where all of this equipment comes from, what the players wear or how the team manages the huge amount of equipment that goes into each game? In this article, we’ll take a fascinating tour through the locker room of the Carolina Panthers, an NFL team based in Charlotte, N.C., and find out just what it takes to suit up on game day — it all begins with the equipment manager!

Sure, I was hoping for a return that would ensure hilarity, but instead I stumbled on this site. And, for my money, it’s pretty interesting. It gives you a sense of what every peice of football equipment is designed to do. There are also video elements. All in all, a pretty informative page, particularly for those who might be interested in this kind of depth of knowledge.

(Link Honorable Mentions: Washington Redskins Web site, an old NFL Coaches Web site that hasn’t been updated in almost a year.)

The Picture: From evilbeetgossip.com, it’s a photo of Tom Brady at his scouting combine.

It's Tom Brady at the NFL scouting combine in 2000.

It's Tom Brady at the NFL scouting combine in 2000.

(Photo honorable mentions: A pregnant woman in a KICKER T-shirt, a photo of referee Ed Hochuli lifting weights.)


The Link: The National Bison Association

In 1995 the American Bison Association (formed in 1975) and the National Buffalo Association (chartered in 1966) merged to become the National Bison Association. The NBA has nearly 1,000 members in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. The NBA is a non-profit association of producers, processors, marketers and bison enthusiasts. The mission of the National Bison Association is to bring together stakeholders to celebrate the heritage of the American bison/buffalo, and to education and create a sustainable future for our industry.

This is no joke. The search term “NBA” returned a link to the National Bison Association. Who knew such a thing existed? I guess the 1,000 members, who must refer to their organization as the NBA. This is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. I know the link is in no way related to the National Basketball Association, but this was too good to pass up.

(Link honorable mentions: NBA Summer League Broadband player so you can watch all those fantastically polished summer contests, NBA Gear Shop that doesn’t seem to be affiliated with the NBA in any way)

The Picture: From hoopedia.nba.com, it’s Dennis Rodman with one of this favorite people in the world, an NBA official.

Don't you miss this?

Don't you miss this?

(Picture honorable mentions: My man Gilbert Arenas on the cover of NBA Live 08, Paul Pierce in obvious pain, Lil Wayne looking like garbage at an NBA game–hey, I guess if you look like trash, you inevitably wind up making music that sounds like trash)


The Link: Native American Web Sites

This is a complete non-sequitur. There’s nothing on this site that would tie into MLB at all. In fact, the only reason a search for MLB returned a site devoted to providing folks with links to Native American-based Web pages is that in the Native American Web Sites link, “mlb~” appears. I guess Google grabbed that. But really? This is unusual. At least the National Bison Association goes by the acronym NBA. I mean, this would be like me typing “casino owners” in Google and getting a return hit that took me to a page called “Azerbaijan Web Sites.” Just weird.

(Link honorable mentions: Top 10 worst MLB all-stars, MLB draft results)

The Picture: From gadgets.boingboing.net, it’s a baseball-themed casket and urn for your remains.

Love baseball and want the afterlife to know? Here's your answer.

Love baseball and want the afterlife to know? Here's your answer.

(Photo honorable mentions: MLB cheerleaders, signs protesting the MLB strike from years ago, Barry Bonds’ big ol’ head)


The Link: NHL Tournament of Logos

We’ve been on a quest to determine which NHL team has the best and worst logos. Now we’re moving onto goalies! We’re pitting mask against mask with the goal of determining the best. And you can vote!

Slim pickin’ here. But this had a neat concept. It’s a tournament to determine who has the best logo and hockey mask, as the description above says. Pretty self explanatory. But it’s actually kind of neat. You can see the evolution of teams’ logos, old logos, new logos, alternate logos and logos that followers of the blog created. It also sprinkles in NHL news here and there, which is a smart addition. Pretty good stuff, all in all.

(Link honorable mention: Top 50 NHL players)

The Picture: From takesontech.com, it’s a screen capture of an NHL fight.

Sure, the NHL is widely known for its fighting. But there's much, much more to the game than that.

Sure, the NHL is widely known for its fighting. But there's much, much more to the game than that.

(Picture honorable mentions: Screen capture of Alex Ovechkin giving an interview during which he says he’ll leave the NHL if he can’t play in the 2014 Olympics, what the Winter Classic at Fenway Park may look like next season)


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