You Know the Football Craze Has Hit When … (Part II)

by Colin Donohue

You know the football craze has hit when you read beat reporter’s long disseration about an offensive line’s struggles, and then read the inane comments about the blog post (or specifically one inane comment that was probably the inaniest).The Football Craze

The Team: Washington Redskins
The Reporter: Jason Reid
The Medium: The Washington Post
The Subject: The offensive line

Reid breaks down the Skins O-line as best he can after four days of practice, during which time the five men have been routinely beaten by D-line guys who seem to be more up to speed. (Of course, that’s not unusual. Defenses typically adapt more quickly than offenses.) He raises some interesting points and presents both the good and the bad. In all, it was a fairly objective analysis of Washington’s situation. Ahhh, but that doesn’t stop some idiot commenters from lambasting Reid for his “unbiased, negative” perception.

Here are the specifics. Up front, Reid wrote: “After watching the unit in camp to this point, I definitely agree more time is needed to evaluate the situation. It would be silly to reach any conclusions about the line’s potential after what we’ve seen so far.” So there you go. He’s letting you know right away that this early into training camp it’s difficult to reach any real conclusions. That doesn’t stop this fool, who goes by the handle clark202, from his slow-witted, delusional retort:

“Can we get an Insider reporter that has played organized football at any level? NFL, College, High School, at this point I’ll even go for Paup Warner.

You’re going to write off the season based off of 4 practices in training camp? Buges says Heyer can play, the man has coached longer than you’ve been alive, but their assessment “Concerns you”? Who the f*** are you? I’m quite sure they or any other coaching staff in the league mind you, keeps you on their speed dial when assessing talent.

Just tweet what you see, or report what the players say, leave the coaching decisions to the people who know what the he11 they’re doing. You know the folks who are paid by NFL franchises to ahhh, coach. When they need help with sentence structure, grammar, or tone, I’m quite sure someone will contact you.”

Gotta love that, right? Apparently, it’s “Paup” Warner. Good grief. If you’re going to insult a guy who covers football by implying he knows nothing about football, at least know it’s POP Warner. Then there’s the claim that coaches know more than you do, so shut up and agree with everything they say. True, coaches have more knowledge, in most circumstances, but the argument doesn’t hold up when coaches routinely make the same mistake. I think Joe Bugel is a great O-line coach, but his unit struggled mightily last year, yet every week he said they were a good, talented group. You would expect him to make those statments, too, because that’s what coaches do. But you always take it with a grain of salt as a reporter.

Then, of course, there’s the commenter’s cussing with the appropriate * symbols and the oh-so dry and oh-so stuipd “cut” at the end. Give me a break. This is clearly a guy who had some kind of building pent up rage and decided to let loose with a ridiculous rant. But hey, that kind of reaction says to me, at least, that the football madness is upon us.

The craze is upon us, folks. And it ain’t going anywhere until February.


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