Be Fair to McNair

By Justin Cherot

Trust me: I love a juicy story just as much–if not more–than the next guy.  I’m guilty of watching TMZ from time to time.  Sometimes I even go out of my way to find the weirdest stories possible just so I can have something to talk about.

But, yes, even I have boundaries, such as I refuse to tarnish the brilliant career and life of Steve McNair just because he was allegedly in the midst of an affair with a 20-year-old woman.

I don’t know much about the details of the case, which seems like it’s going to be inevitably ruled a murder-suicide.  What I do know from watching football over the years is that McNair was one of the better field generals in NFL history… maybe not in terms of gaudy numbers, but when it comes to leading a group of men, there weren’t many better than him.

You shouldn’t judge McNair based upon one misjudgment of infidelity.  What you should do is judge him based on the catalog of his entire life.  If you do that, I think you’ll find that McNair was indeed a great guy and one that will be missed.


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